How much lag time do you see with Hulu (via playon)?

I have the free trial, and I’m contemplating buying Playon for access to Netflix and Hulu.  However, I notice the lag time for most Hulu content is about 30 seconds or so.  (About 20-25 of blank screen, then 5 for the Hulu ‘loading’ screen.)

When accessing Playon via my PS3, it’s much faster, so I am making the rough assumption that it’s tied to the WD box and not my network/PC.

My specs:

Intel 950 quad core, with 8 GB of memory running Windows 7 Home Premium

Wired network  (PS3 is hardwired as well, just in case you’re wondering.)

WD Live Firmware 11

Would be curious to hear how long Hulu takes on other people’s boxes before making this purchase…


Same here…  

Don’t know that I’d “blame” the WD for that lag… I mean, yeah, it’s a lengthy delay, but it is what it is.  One of these days, I’m gonna hook up my Wireshark and see what’s going on with this stuff.   But right now, a delay of about “one commercial” is quite alright with me…  :)

I don’t mind it so much for a full episode, but when you’re watching a trailer or short snippet, the pause would represent 20-30% of the entire item.  So it would be very annoying if viewing a series of short content.

Not a deal breaker, just wanted to know if I was the only one.  The only reason I thought it might be hardware related, was due to the fast speed on the PS3 (which granted has a slight more powerful chipset….)

I bought playon after testing the trial. I have it installed on a windows home server. I have only watched TV episodes, not any short clips. I haven’t timed it, but I too have about a 20-30 second black screen delay.

I don’t really plan on watching trailers and such on here, so for full shows it doesn’t bother me. I just like being able to easily watch the episodes on my TV.