How much free space?

My laptop has Win 7 and My Cloud is some years old. I am unable to see how much free space does My Cloud have? Where could I check that? Thank You!

In the Web Dashboard…

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Thank You!
Not at all in the Explorer of Win 7,
like all other external hardisks?

The My Cloud is not a hard disk in the general sense. It is a network attached storage (NAS) device that contains a hard drive. Like the previous poster indicated one generally uses the My Cloud Dashboard to view the amount of free space. It is also possible the WD Quick View and or the WD Access programs may show the amount of free space on the My Cloud.

There are other methods that will show one the amount of free space and they include using SSH to query the My Cloud at the root/firmware level.

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Thank You so much for your much appreciated and informative answer! :slight_smile: