How much do a WD my passport 1TB, 700GB and 500GB of Windows cost?

If I need purchase a WD my passport, how much does each of the capacities mentioned above cost?

And can I purchase with my Master visa card? Can I receive my order anywhere I am?

I have checked out in th google, and I found that I should buy with Credit or debit card number:

Can I enter my WebSurfer MasterCard card number?



This is a user to user community to share their experiences with the Western Digital products. If you would like to purchase a drive or any other device you need to visit the Western Digital Online Store, they can provide you with more accurate information in regards to the prices, etc.

Please see the link below:

If by any chance the Store does not provide services to your country, then you will need to contact a local distributor. See the link below:

Thank you so much indeed for your reply.

I am sorry for posting a post in inappropriate forum. But I only wanted to know whether Distributors are available in my country (Yemen) or not

Unfortunately they are not. What can I do now? I couldn’t buy with my Webmastersurfer card.

Could anybody reply me? I have really been hearing about purchase via the internet by Master Card, for instance,

So why do I not purchase WD hard drives?

Why will it not be delivered to my home country(Yemen)?