How Micro Apps Benefit Business?

Well I am a business owner myself and just yesterday I was researching about micro apps and their impact on businesses. As per the report that I read, micro apps are actually smaller version or micro version of those mobile apps that otherwise are huge and require a lot of space in the mobile. In fact many developers or organizations such as app development companies are now using this technique for regaining those lost users that they have lost on their apps in past few years or months. I am actually amazed by the level of efficiency that one can get with these apps. This might be the reason the development of micro apps is increasing rapidly.

So my question, how good are these micro apps and in your view how they help a business?

Nice sharing, thank you. BTW, you do everything in apps only? No paperwork?

Wow. You’ve resurrected this thread just to ask that? I think that the OP won’t answer your question. Because it’s a year-old thread. Also, what’s the problem about working without paperwork? I work without papers. I use Excel weekly and monthly timesheets, I’ve found a template from the internet. I didn’t have any ideas about how doing it, but then my friend sent me this template. And it’s all online. Without any papers and stuff. In our days you don’t need any paperwork.