How many users can login to my cloud at same time


I want to share my cloud with people live in same residential tower. so How many users can login to my cloud at same time (being public folder) if i use over internet and if i use my cloud over LAN (wireless) , like 50 or 100 ?


Hello, basically there is no limit to the amount of users you can create, but note that the performance of the My Cloud will degrade the more people try to access it at the same time.

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Thanks dear for reply

Actually i am willing to get my cloud soon, but a friend suggested me to double check regarding my concerned as he said it will be slow if many users will login at same time. He doesnt have  w.d cloud yet thats why i said better to ask people who realy have it .

So i need to know from real owners how many users can login if poosible please. as i expect not less than 50 person will login all at same time.

Thanks for help

Hi again, note that the My Cloud is intended for home use, for your type of requirements I recommend you a more robust solution. Click on the link below to view the business line of WD products.

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Many many thanks, this what i was looking for.


Well, if my current situation is anything to go by, it’s one! Our new WD mycloud will let my flatmate log in but it doesn’t matter how many times he sets me up as a user, it will only let me connect as a guest. It’s infuriating.