How many themes at a time


I have become interested in the different themes that can be put on my wd tv the past week or so. I have found and installed about 5 or 6 so far but have noticed that when I go to change to a different theme the only ones listed are the stock one and the last user defined theme I loaded. What happened to the rest of them? Why aren’t they listed? Is it limited to only using one user defined theme at a time?


Only one custom theme is allowed (every time you upload a new one it overwrites the old one)

Custom Firmware however … lets you have as many custom themes as you want [stored on a thumbdrive] (ask for help at that site, not here)


Thank you I will check that out. And thanks for letting me know about the one at a time thing too.


That’s why I like the HUB. I’ve got 4 temes installed and just swap over on a whim. On the others its just one at a time.


Agreed, you can install as many themes as you wanted to on the 1TB internal hdd :slightly_smiling: