How many streams can the hub support?

I am wondering how many HD streams the HUB is capable of handing at once…  Like having the Hub in the living room and watching shows from it in other rooms on other devices using the Hub’s streaming server.  Being able to watch someone on it and also stream to two other TVs at one time would be perfect (over ethernet) While still being able to transfer files to the device when they download.  Anyone tried using multiple players with the device?  I imagine I can probably simulate this with a few devices in my home if no one can answer.

The number of simultaneous streams is irrelevant. It’s the aggregate bandwidth required that will be the limiting factor. Since your files will have potentially very different bit rates than mine, my answer is only useful to me. All told, you probably won’t be able to stream much more than about 50 mbits per sec.

I understand all of that completely… I am just looking for what other people have experienced.  The typical 1hr tv show in 720p is usually around 1.09GB… I just want to know if anyone has attempted to stream 3 or 4 shows (around that size) at a time and had much success.