How many sets in my home can I simultaneously stream dlna video to using from live hub

When using the WD Live Hub:

How many compatible TV sets in my home can I simultaneously stream video to using DNLA? (For exam ply, we have six compatible TV’s… My children are not always up to family movie night but may want to watch the same video from file or online, etc… How many devices if I have a strong Ethernet backbone installed in my house (certified cat-6) can I stream to?  In other words, Are there any limitations from the device or just in wiring/switching bandwidth?

Why not start streaming to them all one at a time and see what happens wjen you reach the limit?  You can’t “break” anything in the process.  Report back how it all went for you. 

I think it’s all about the bandwidth and the robustness of the hard drive serving it up to the media player, but of course , I could be all wrong about this.

Once, for a “stress test” I had video streaming between 3 devices and it all worked.

My tests indicate 2 x Full Rate Blu-rays on gigabit LAN off one NAS (WD Live 3TB) + streaming DVD quality wirelessly to a iPad no issues. Introducing a third Full rate Blu-ray makes all of SMP’s studder somewhat. Limitiation is the throughput of the NAS… it seems.

If you have 2 seperate NAS then you can stream 3 x Fullrate Blu-rays no issue on gigabit. I have not tried any further stress tests.