How many Licence of WD SmartWare Pro with WD my book live?


Can any one tell me, how many licence of WD SmartwarePro we got with WD My book live 1 TB.

Thanks in advance

Hello, The My Book Live only comes with the free version of Smartware. 

How to upgrade WD SmartWare to WD SmartWare Pro 

The My Cloud NAS devices come included with Smartware Pro, please see below for more information.


Thanks for quick reply.

I have some further queries.

So In case of WD my book live, I need to pay for Smartware pro??

Also, I know that I am the best judge of my requirements but still could you please answer below question.

I have NAS requirement and 1 TB is sufficient for me (Atleast for few years). Considering that My book live have an older hardware, Is it advisable to buy My book live over My Cloud?

Does WD Still manufacturing My book live?

I need a basic NAS, no nefty features

Hi again, in order to upgrade to Smartware Pro check the following steps. 

How to upgrade WD SmartWare to WD SmartWare Pro 

As you say, it all depends on your needs, check the links below so you can compare the features of each device.

Last question. Is WD still producing my book live? Or manufacturing is stopped

WD has not made any official comments on whether or not the My Book Live is being manufactured, but it is an End of life (EOL) product. 

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