How many is too many, and theme question regarding turning off the rotating backdrops

First question is how many movies in a single folder is too many for the hub to handle without major slowdown? I noticed a slowdown at 200. After working on it for more than a week I finally have everything moved from multiple sources to a single unRAID server, with nearly 600 movies in it. I understand building the media library is going to take a while, now and when I add things in the future. But how will the interface perform when browsing for a movie?

Second question is how do I turn off the rotating backdrop images with the video view set to the one that displays the cover art along the bottom, and the description above? I would prefer it just be a black background, both for performance and reabability. I read how to do it with the previous firmware, but it doesn’t seem to work now on the latest.

Last question is there any hope for DTSMA support being added?

It really shouldn’t take long to build the media library with 600 titles in it…  Maybe three or four minutes.

One of my shares has over 1500 titles in it and it takes less than 5 minutes…

I haven’t noticed a significant performance difference in that regard;   The most files I have in a single folder is about 70, plus the thumbnails and XML files (so about 210 files or so) in one folder.

Not sure about DTS-HD MA…   WD has mentioned here several times that DTS refuses to grant WD a license to do DTS-HD MA, but since other companies are doing it, hopefully WD will figure out how to make it work.

I have found that once a folder has above 50 movies in it there is a noticible slow down.

It takes a while to navigate through to the film you want, I wish there could be a delay before the box goes off fetching the backdrop art as I am sure thats whats doing it.

If there was a 3 to 4 second delay before it went net searching at least you could get to the movie quicker.

Seems much quicker when it has no net connection anyway.

Either that or WD should sort out a deal to allow art to be stored on the local drive not fetch from the net each time.

That would be even better !

It is pretty sluggish with 600 titles in one folder. I am considering an SSD in my unRAID to store the xml and jpg’s, but am not sure that will even speed it up. I guess I need to figure out how to I want to split them up.

I really really want to turn off the active Internet downloading of the backdrops.

This is a bit weird!

I have about 70 mkv’s in 720p in 1 folder internally on the hub and about 300 xvid’s also in 1 folder on my usb drive, I can’t really tell if there’s a difference in speed when browsing the movies in gallery view.

It’s not super fast but it isn’t slow either, perhaps I just have gotten used to slowness :smileyvery-happy: