How many hard drives

ok…i have two 3TB external hard drives… is there a way to attach a 3rd or is it limited to just 2 external hard drives? i have tried a USB splitter but it was only cheap and didnt recognise anything besides the first hard drive attached

generally a powered usb hub will work

there’s at least one on the supported list

haven’t checked the list recently, maybe they added more

If the external drive is self powered then the hub doesn’t need powering.

I have had 2 4 port hubs connected to my WD TV SMP and it detected 6 of the 8 devices attached   :slight_smile:

I suspect 6 is the max as that is all the space the list has without scrolling.  But 6 is pretty GOOD    :smiley:

more likely you need more power

Are you suggesting, or do you know for a fact, that the SMP should handle more than 6 devices?   :slight_smile:

i see no reason that more devices would not be supported

once a hub is activated it’s a simple matter of mounting the drives

btw a single usb hub actually supports 127 ports via daisy chain

I have a 10 port powered hub on this desktop and it would be interesting to see it my SMP would see 10 devices on this hub.   :slight_smile:

Except it would be a pain to move the hub from the desktop to the SMP just to move it all back after the curious exercise :dizzy_face:

I have 6 external HDDS, some LED lights, a keybd/mouse dongle and a couple of portable externals attached to it at the moment, a lot to unplug and replug  :manfrustrated: