How many Firmwares dows My Cloud have?

Hi, all,

Would you please tell me how many firmwares does My Cloud have?

I only found 2 firmwares: 03.01.03 and 3.01.04. Is there an older one?


Hi, TonyPh12345,

Thanks for your reply. It’s very helpful for me.

Do you know where can I get the Firmware Version 03.00.03-413 – Initial Release?

Maybe the initial release can help me to unbrick My Cloud.



Try with this one:

It’s a full disk image backup from a 2 TB version.

If i have time i will do one from mine what is 3 TB.

P.S.: Forget your idea of running script from ssh…you don’t have a running system on your MyCLoud HDD who can run it…

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Hi, sammarbella,

Would you please tell me how to restore this full disk image?

I have try several method, all of them can not read the image correctly.

Or you can just tell me the tool name.

Thanks a lot.

Hi, sammarbella,

Thank you very much!!!

I have restored the full image with Disks successfully!

And now, it is updating to the latest firmware now.

Thank you again!

So finally you were able to recover your brick! :slight_smile:

Do you have a 3 TB disk?No?¿?

Did you remember to extend last partition (ext4) to fill the space empty from the 2 TB image at the end of your disk?

Hi, sammarbella,

Mine is a 4 TB disk.

Now, it is doing full factory restore, it’s very slow.

When finish the full factory restore, I will extend the last partition to 4TB. Did you have any experience on this?


no with this particular case but is not rocket science.

use disks to extend your ext4 (last partition) to use the empty space at the end of the disk,  2TB mycloud image should have a much smaller ext4 (shares partition) than 3 or 4TB models. 

Others partitionare same size. 

Hi, sammarbella,

I learned so much on linux experience through this process:smiley:

Don’t remember now if disks could resize parttitions i’m out of home no.

Gparted sure do it remember that you can only apply changes if you unmont partitions from gparted to apply changes.