How loud should 4tb be to 2tb drive?

Hello, I own two 2,5" WD drives , 2TB that I used till now and 4TB that I bought today. My older drive seems to be much quieter when it comes to work, when I use 4TB I can sense it is vibrating way more that his smaller brother. I know there is a smaller density so perhaps it is that but still. 2TB when it works I done even know if its plugged how quiet it is, but new 4TB is way louder and vibrate more. Is it normal or is it faulty?

The type and volume of noise are dependent on whether the is drive performing a read/write operation or idle with the heads parked. The environment where the drive is functioning may also influence noise.

For example, loose drive mounts, fan noise from case ventilation or the power supply, even where the enclosure is placed or mounted may produce or enhance the noise heard. You can recognize which noises indicate trouble or normal drive operation.

You can also diagnose the health of internal hard drive using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool.