How long should the Full Factory Restore on the 6TB MBLD take?

I’ve been restoring for 24 hours now and I’m at 65%. Is this expected?

Probably…  The Full Restore has to do a complete erase of the HD, as well… not just a reformat…  So it’s busy writing 0’s or random number to every bit on the disk.

So again, to my question, how long should take? Can someone who has done this restore please respond?

I don’t have the exact time, but it could take upwards of two days to do a full system restore.

Not having done it on a Duo, I can’t speak for that drive. The My Book Live took me about 6-7 hours for 1T.

The two drives software look about the same. That would put it around 36-40 hours for a 6T, running at the same rate.

I accidently closed the browser with me logged in on MBLD Dashboard. It still shows in my Menu Bar but I can’t get back into it. I am assuming that it is restoring (blinking green light). 

Any help would be appreciated.

I was able to go back into my Dashboard but it has been on this screen with this window for a long time, “Factory Restore successful. Device is rebooting. Please do not unplug the device or close this window during the rebooting process.”  

How long do I wait…it has been overnight that this message came up…ever since I was able to go back into the dashboard. 

Can I reboot my iMac? I had done so before while I had accidently closed the browser and was not initially able to go back to it. Help.