How long should the debrick script take?

First time working on a MyBook Live Duo. Customer had one previously setup by the AV company for his movies in the house.

When we took over I noticed the yellow light on the front of the unit and it was not reachable on the network.

Spoke to support who couldn’t really help so I started researching on my own. Found the debrick guide

and followed it

My drive seems to be stuck on 34-35% now for the last couple hours. Is that normal? I thought the script ran fairly fast and it was the rebuilding of the drives in the enclosure that took the longest?

I also ran into errors when running
mdadm -S /dev/md0
mdadm -S /dev/md2
mdadm -S /dev/md3

I got a “device or file not found”
Would that be part of the slow progress?