How long should a Shutdown take to complete? 45 mins later and still waiting for the LED to stop flashing

How long should it take for a new WD My Cloud single bay drive to fully shut down? After setting the unit up and updating the firmware, creating some folders and users, disabling cloud access (as this is going to be a local backup drive only), etc, I started the shutdown process from the Dashboard so I could do a clean reboot and let it pick up its correctly mapped DHCP IP address, etc.

The front-panel LED immediately started flashing a greeny/orange colour to show it was shutting down, however it’s still doing that over 45 minutes later and the HDD and fan are still running. I know I could simply yank the power cable, but I’d prefer to complete a proper clean shutdown - and also if it can’t shutdown, it presumably won’t be able to do an automated reboot at any future stage either.


Mine takes between 30 seconds to a minute to shutdown. Once it has shutdown I unplug it and wait at least one minute before plugging it back in. I do this once a week as part of my weekly computer maintenance.

How long did you wait after setting it up and updating the firmware to do a shutdown?

I updated the firmware and did other tests yesterday, and didn’t try the reboot until this morning. The LED is still flashing 5 hours later so I think I’m going to pull the plug and see if it reboots (I’ll do the 40-second reset, just in case) and then maybe run a disk check.