How long is DLGDIAG Quick Smart test supposed to take?

installing a New WD 1tb in win7 , partitioned as one drive using GPT , failed to format .

DLGDIAG Quick Test has been at 90% for half an hour and doesn’t seem to be progressing .

this is after canceling a previous 15 minute run .

rather than waste anymore time , is this an RMA candidate ?

hour and 15min  .

somebody needs to rework DLGDIAG with logging and time outs for each section of tests so you can atleast tell when it hangs and on what section . looking at Smart Status: Pass and Test Result: ABORT isn’t worth much .



It’s hard to tell the time that the test will take since it will depend on the capacity and condition of the unit.

In my case I just did a test with a 2TB drive and it took around 10 minutes and it passed without any issues.

My recommendation if the drive took that long is to contact WD Support directly for assistance.

WD Contact info:

“Smart Status: Pass” just means that no critical SMART attribute has dropped below its threshold value. It does not tell you the actual health of each attribute.

Instead I would examine the SMART report using a tool such as CrystalDiskInfo.

Look for reallocated, pending, or uncorrectable sectors.

I ended up doing an RMA , couldn’t get it to format on either of my machines . thanks guys , and for the link to crystal disk too