How long is "a few minutes" for network connect?

I am trying to install the EX2 for the first time.  When it boots, all good - 2 disc lights blue and blue flashing light.  But after a minute, the yellow blinking light comes on and never goes away.  The disc can’t be located on the network.  I have no problem, obviously, with internet access so the network is working fine.  I’ve connected in my primary router and an AP router without luck.

The install manual says “wait for solid blue light.  This may take a few minutes.”  Could this be “a few hours” and I’m just not patient?

Any insight?  Advice?



Hello MLou19, welcome to the Community. It shouldn’t take long. The Yellow light means that the EX2 is not recognizing the Ethernet cable. If possible try using another Ethernet cable. You can also try to connect the EX2 directly to the PC to see if it’s recognized there. Check page 12 of the manual for more information.