How long? Indexing external USB HD disconnect

After trying everything else, I’m going to try just WAITING this time:

Two external HDs on WDMC usb port, one video, one audio. Have two backups of audio disk and tried both, they are identical except different brands and one is externally powered and one USB powered but connected to powered hub. Tried all combinations of powered or not, usb hub or not, different brands of hub etc. And yes, factory reset, disc health checks, OS and everything updated etc.

Conclusion is clear: problem IS THE WDMC.

Read here on forum that it’s basically just slow indexing and the MC comes back from being unavailable as soon as indexing is finished. HD with videos indexes and works fine. Connecting audio disc whether by itself or any other approach always has same problem: MC becomes unavailable, cannot access files or Dashboard, use FTP, or anything. 

How long should indexing the audio disc take? It’s been 4 days so far. It’s about 3 terabyte of approx 250.000 files, mostly FLAC and MP3. 

Will a reboot/pulling power plug be necessary to get WDMC online again after finishing indexing and/or auto firmware update (set to be done this wkend) ? Cannot physically access disk atm.

Why not integrate at least some of dashboard functionality into Android app, like eg Asus routers AiCloud? And WD, please don’t tell me again to go tell you that in a different forum: I’m a good customer that gave you my time to tell you how to improve your product, it’s just stupid and rude of you to ask me to spend even more time on what is ACTUALLY HELPING YOU. It’s like “Thanks for the cake and the puppy, neighbour, but you must deliver to my grandmother on the west coast, not here in Florida”.

Thanks for any input. On the tech side :slight_smile:

Video HD indexes and operates

I had a very similar problem. I had my audio and video data on the My Cloud instead of on an external drive, but the same kind of thing was happening. What I found out was that the media server was not just indexing the songs–it was also creating thumbnails of any image it could find, including any album artwork that was mixed in with my music files. The process of making those thumbnails was crippling the drive.

It is possible, however, to make the My Cloud stop doing this. Once I got it to stop making the thumbnails, it worked great, like a normal drive should. I found the following thread very, very helpful: