How long does the system take to hibernate?

I have a PR4100 with 4 WD Red 4T drives in a RAID 5 configuration attached to a Netgear Router. There are times I want to shut the system down. When I log in and use the drop down from the user icon to hibernate the system I get the message “the system is hibernating.” The system logs off the network which is what I expect Good so far. The PR4100 display says “system is shutting down.” The drive lights stay a solid blue but the display never updates to indicate the system is in hibernate. I left the system on for sever ours and no change to the display. When I pressed the power button the system shut down. When I rebooted everything came up as normal. And there were no notifications other than the expected “System is shutting down” with the correct date and time.

I don’t want to press the power button until the system is safely shut down. How long should it take and is there a way to know it is safe to power off? At this point I only have 2-3 TB of data.

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Hello there,

The WD My Cloud PR4100 shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to hibernate. This isn’t normal so you can try to perform a system only restore and then reinstall the firmware manually.

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