How long does resetting a DX4000 take?


i believe it has installed some updates, but at this point the main issue is that ever since i changed the IP RDP’ing is incredibly slow, to the point of almost not being able to do anything.

i.e. click on windows explorer and the window will open 3 minutes later. very very slow as far as RDP administration. we’ve had this unit new since 2014 and it’s never been this slow.


can you look in the dashboard at the raid status?


im packing up for the day, thanks for your help as usual @gramps will get back on this tomorrow.

even with the problems it’s great to be back in action with this thing


back to work. and the recovered sentinel is doing OK, but it is having a lot of trouble installing Window Updates.

it has made 3 attempts to install 600 MB of updates and fails every time, as seen here:


uncheck all the dot net for example and try


this seems to be working, as i’ve installed a bunch of updates, many thanks


GREAT, good luck !



it’s been stuck for an hour trying to update to Internet Explorer 11, but I seem to recall seeing other pre-Windows 10 systems having issues with this update years ago…if it doesn’t budge in an hour i’ll cancel


Why even update it? You should not be surfing from the server anyway.


well i more or less finished everything on the sentinel, running good so far.

i put in a request to purchase that usb->ethernet nic by startech that you all recommended as a backup for the ethernet. replaced the fan last spring so that should be good to go.

only thing i’d like to do with this thing before the year is up is to increase the capacity by about 2-3 TBs, so I’ll undoubteldey come back here in a bit to bug you guys about that :wink:

anyhow, thanks to this forum, gramps and everyone else who has helped with troubleshooting these boxes, cheers