How long does it take WDTV Live to recognize there is a file in network shared drive?

When I save a file on a shared drive, it won’t appeare from WDTV for a while (that I don’t know how long…). I cycled through the power on WDTV, still it won’t display a file. I have no problem playing other files that were previosly saved in that folder. It looks like there is certain time period for WDTV to refresh the file list. How long does it take or is there way to refresh the file list quickly?

Well, it depends.

If you’re using Media Servers, it won’t update anything.  Your media server has to do it.

If you’re using Network Shares, then:

   If you’re using Media Library, you’ll need to rescan the folder, and/or set an auto rescan interval in the setup.

   If you’re NOT using Media Library, it should show immediately.

oh… ! I have been using “media server”. Once I go to “network share” everything’s good! Thx!