How long does it take to process your RMA

Dear WD Users,

I am sharing my experience with you on a RMA request which I raised for an external WD Elements 500 GB drive I purchased. In fact I purchased a couple of them and found one defective with some loose part making noise in the case.

I raised a RMA on 13 May and requested a Courier Pick Up (Please note RMA has a valid status of one month). I requested a date to have a pick up (one week after raising the RMA) and nothing happened. Tried reaching WD Support department raising my concern over email as well as over phone. And all empty assurances. Finally as a dejected user, over a phone call, I requested to know the courier pickup service numbers (WD has contract with AFL in India) and tried reaching them on 8 June on my own.

And as expected number was not working. Again made a phone call to know numbers and got another number. (If you see here, I am arranging a pick up for my drive though I have requested the one from WD, and I am doing this because Support executive has asked me to do this. "If I want a due replacement I should reach them directly!! Warehouse has shifted so they are facing problems) Drive got picked when I made arrangements my self and that too  after many failed  phones and many a emails (If I paste my communication with WD here, you would empathetic with me on the fact…Had I done this in form of prayers to the God, he might have replaced my WD drive. I just want to share my woes here…

Before I scheduled a pickup, WD sent me a mail stating they felt bad about the way my case has gone and they have scheduled a replacement before getting defective drive. I was amazed and enthralled to have such mercy finally!! But my joy is shortlived like any other transient existing thing in this world…My original defective drive got shipped and delivered even “after receiving commitment from WD for early replacement without getting drive” and I have not got the replacement one yet.

Topping on the Cake - When I am checking my status at RMA it is saying “Waiting for PickUp” and “No Delivery Scheduled”. Please note - Drive is delivered, and a delivery commitment is made to me by WD email support help. When I talked to WD Support over phone, they asked me for my Courier Delivery Number!!! And they are not at all aware from there CRM record that a replacement is promised to me.

Guys, please understand this, if you are purchasing WD and expecting so high claimed support services (especially in India) please think twice. You have to be **bleep** sure it does not break. If it break whatever is there as support and warranty is all Sham!!

If someone from WD is reading this, and can help this to reach to someone sitting and managing standard Email and Phone Support (Absolute Sham and jokers are handling this) I will request to  please look at the way support staff is operating. You guys are interface to customers. I called Support Desk to have update, not to provide update!!! I have paid for this drive which is defective, and entitled for a due replacement.


Exploited User. 

Have you been contacted, yet?

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