How Long Does It Take To Format?

I started the disk format process well over 30 minutes ago and it’s still going. Any ideas as to approximately how long it will take to finish?


Not sure if it is a quick format or full format. , Have the format completed? How long it took?

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I am pretty sure it’s NOT a quick format lol… I started it 8 hours ago and it’s STILL going! Should I just power the unit off and forget about formatting?

This operation (full format) on a large drive, in this case, 1TB can take many hours and are best accomplished when retiring for the evening.  If it’s a new drive and, consequently, untested, it’s not a bad idea to do a full format - it should give some peace of mind :smiley:


Now going on 12 hours!!! :frowning: I might just pull the plug.