How long does it take for rebuilding my fully loaded 12 TB of data on my cloud home duo?

Following this message, I want to know how long this process would be. I have a fully loaded 12 TB my cloud home duo. It has been down for 2 days already. There is no sign that it will be back online. Please kindly advise.

What version were you running?

I meant the version of the device’s firmware. There has been no release recently so that’s surprising.

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Sorry for that the software version is 7.15.1-101

Well that’s surprising… it’s no major upgrade, I guess the MCH decided that the index was out of sync and restarted from scratch. Just a guess.

I see. Then, how long does it take normally for its full capacity? It has been 5 days already and still under the upgrade

Today, I turned the duo off and then back on. After a while, it still shows that it is upgrading. There is no sign that how long this process will end.

Be careful, it might restart the process from zero. Did you reach to WD Support? Maybe @WDStaff could help…

Thank you AustinForest. I will try contacting them again

I take a look at the link you gave me and saw that there are few WDstaffs that recently interact in this forum. I will try to contact the promising one who showed up lately. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Today, my mom asked me for our family photo that she wants to print out for this Christmas. I just have to tell her that the file is not yet ready. The drive status is still upgrading. I just have to tell her that it was not me who initiated this process. It would be very bad if it restarts the whole process once again after I waited for 5-6 day.

The link was for them to look into this.
Support should be contacted via web forms or email.

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Just an update, since my last turned off/on on Nov 14, now it is Nov 29, My cloud home duo is STILL updating !!?? This is insane. I think I have wasted a month worth of my time on it and I am so frustrated. When shall this process be ended?

Did you get in touch with support? @WDStaff

I got into lengthy bouncing emails back and forth with WD service staff for a month. My conclusion is that DO NOT USE WD MY CLOUD HOME DUO

My MCHD stuck in the updating stage forever since the forced update by WD. All they said was that my hdd was broken. I told them It was doing ok before WD update. This sounds like WD damaged my MCHD. WD did not accept this. The only solution is that WD offered a data recovery service but WD needs my receipt which I lost it for a while. Thus, this did not happen.

WD WILL interfere with your MCHD usage and WILL NOT be responsible for anything/ mistake they did to your property including your precious data.

Today, I threw my MCHD to the ground. stomped on it many times. Then, threw it into a wall. I kept all the pieces and then burn it down to ash. Farewell to all royalty I have had for WD sofar.

We lost all of our family photos. This Christmas party we did not have a look back at photos of what we did during the year. We just had dinner. That’s it.

I said sorry to my mom. She did not yell at me. It was a total silent moment.