How long does backing upi ones HD uoing a WD My Book Essential (2GB) take?!?

After updating the firmware, I began backing up my HD (some 513 GB) last night at 10 PM EST, just before going to work. Some 15 hours later, the progress is only 120 GB copied! Does this usually take this long? I backed up over a year ago and it didn’t seem to take this long, but could be normal for all I know.

Some info that may help, I am running Windows XP, with all current updates. The WDFME.exe file is taking up an ENORMOUS amount of system resources (anywhere from 50 to 70%, giving my proccessor fan a workout, and making the computer run very slow.

If Smartware is taking from 50 to 70% of your CPU time, that will make the transfer rate go slow, try to uninstall Smartware and then chek if the problem keeps happening. Try to download the latest Smartware version to fix the resources problem.