How long are links accessible


I have a hopefuly simple question, but wasn’t able to find an asnwer so far:

If I share a link directing to one of my files saved on the MCM via E-mail, it looks like this:

http://XXXXX. …

The download via Browser works fine, also from the internet using my mobile or any other device. But I can find no information how long the file will be accessible. How can I manage that? Is the only possibility to break the link, that I move the linked file to another directory?

If there is no opportunity to control these links, does it mean that all files on the MCM are always available on the internet, and the user has to know only the right path. How can i manage these shares or links send by email?

Thanks for help


Hi, unfortunately managing the link is not possible at the moment. I would post this in the  ideas board, but search first to see if anothe user have posted this is so, just vote up the idea,