How is the this new WDBHG7 working compared to WBAAN0000N (WD TV Live) older version?

I am getting antother TV set soon.  I see that there is a newer version of the WD TV Live Streaming.   After owning the WD TV Live for 18 months, and having heck of a time (sometimes), I am wondering if the product works better.

I don’t use Netflix, so please don’t tell me about that.

All I care is that it likes my Windows 7 x64 SP1 and works with it.



Works better, looks better and allows more files to be played.

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Well, I bought it and guess, what?  It doesnt support the 5Ghz band and won’t even accept my 'ole 802.11n wireless USB card.

That’s really a bad joke.  Maybe it’s a better product, but I just returned it back.

1 step forward with WDC and 3 steps back.