How is a 3TB My Book formatted from factory?

I want to restore the default formatting which was from factory state.

I remember it was MBR / NTFS, am I right?

which ws very strange because even though MBR has a limit of 2 TB partition and GPT is reauired for more than 2 TB, I cam pretty sure it was MBR not GPT right?

Also, is there a possibility to go back to the stock firmware of My Book 3TB?

Can you please share the model number for your drive?

It is complicated because WD does some tricks to support Windows XP 32-bit. I have read you should not format or partition the drive if you wish to maintain Windows XP support.

Read this forum thread I linked below, especially post #6:

I see, I guess I can’t use MBR anymore since I have formatted the drive. guess I’ll just stick to GPT