How i got those unwanted partitions?

Hi, I am using wd internal drives for the past two years. Initially i did not notice this. But whenever there is corruption of os, and while re installing the windows, more drive options would show me a partition of 0kb (actuallly near 1 mb size) other than the cusomized partiton. It can not be formatted or deleted, but will allow reinstall in other partitions.
I tried to delete but failed in each time. I deleted all partions and when i click to create new partitions, this would come up, when you accept system reservation partition alert of 100 mb more. I do not know, how or from where it comes.
I am having some problem of slow browsing and freezing of hard drives.
I checked with wds dos full scan tool. It came with the alert that errors found and repaird with 223 code saying that everything was fine.
But scan with other tools it shows red alert on one count. Pl see the enclosure.
I tried to wipe out partitions, and it would wipe successfully, but rescan would again show the existence of this unwanted partitions. Now, expert please say, whether the hard drive is failing physically.
wmic command of disk health gives ok message.
Also tell me , why even after repairs have been done, this unwanted ,unallocated partitions show up. Is there any tool in wd that could fix

Hi jraju,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.

I could download crystal disk or acronis true image, format and setup new disk