How Hard Drives Work

I found some video’s on Youtube that explain about how hard drives work. There are 3 of them.
It helped me understand more about what is involved with them.



I floated this Joe, so others will see it.

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thanks i love to see these

It sure makes things clear like why a drop is so harmful and what the clicking is. I found those looking for something else. I think there might be more in the series I haven’t had that much time to look.


This is really good to know…

It is pretty good yes, but i dont see how it actually helps you mitigate a problem or developing bad sectors… i dont know if you agree? please tell me what you see whats in this to help us ?

It’s useful because half the posts I see on here are from people who don’t understand the technology they are working with. They think that issues like this are caused by manufacturing defects, or by trouble with their software and they are (understandably) upset when the lose data they don’t have backed up. I think (and correct me if I’m wrong) the idea is to educate people so that they know just how important it is to keep multiple copies of their files because all HDs by all manufactuers are fragile things that hold very important information for people.

I have read all of the posts and had no idea these hard drives were so delicate.  I just dropped mine and the computer now wont recognise it so it looks like I’m in the same position.  Does anyone know if the person who logged the first message recovered their data and if so how??? Thanks

They are very delicate.  Even and especially with the portable drives, I don’t move them once I connect them to the pc.  It can cause wear damage to them.  I’m convinced that many of the failures we see with portables and externals is due to people picking them up and moving them while they’re plugged in, or just handling them too roughly. 

The fact is, I have one of the original WD passport drives, the silver/blue passport.  I’ve been using it for about 5 years now, and I just recently gave it to my daughter to use. 

Anyway, your best bet is to go to data recovery to get your data back.  You can find one of our partners, below, for your region.

I am a network engineer. I Watched these videos & these Videos are very useful for me. I get a lot of knowledge about Interal harddisk work. Thankyou Friend Top share these videos.