How Good/Fast is a USB HDD Connected to this Unit?

I read where the hub is slow and the NIC is max out around 10mb/s. Is this unit faster in transfering file to an external USB drive?

What USB drives seem to work best?


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the nic’s are the same afaik

you will not see any difference in this regard

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I was wondering about the transfer rate to the hard drive.

The WD Tv Live SMP doesn’t contain an internal drive so transfer rates are limited by either your wireless connect or Ethernet connection. Unless you hook up 2 USB drives and are transferring between them.

 I’ve only ever used a single USB in at any time so can’t comment on the performance between 2 USB drives.

Ethernet is somewhat slow as mentioned in other posts.

if you’re looking to copy files over your network to a hdd attached to the smp or the hub

speed is going to be really lousy

smp might be slightly better at this due to faster processor

but regardless, it’s going to be massively slow

there’s many reasons I think streaming to the smp/hub is a much better option

but to stream successfully, it requires that you know how to correctly set up your network

I’m streaming fine from Windows 7 (six core i7-3930K). I leave it on all of the time because I’m running Small Business Server 2011 in Vmware (mail server, etc). Since I’m using the energy to leave it on all of the time, I added another hard just for videos.

Going back to my initial post with you, I just wanted to improve the overall theme/user experience without degrading performance. I didn’t realize the hub had older hardware in it compared to the SMP. That does bother me knowing that as soon as I buy it, WD will announce a new and improved hub.

Thanks for your patiences and feedback.

streaming will greatly depend on your network and what protocol you use

samba (aka windows shares) is very slow

NFS is a much better option

read bottom of page 2 & 3 of this thread for some actual throughput test with info on the hardware used as well

additional, just recently, I replaced my router with an ASUS RT-AC66U

wireless 2.4 ghz bandwidth throughput to SMP is 110 Mb/s using NFS, I did not bother to test Samba throughput