How good are Western Digital's SSDs?

Just looking for a super-cheap 120GB SSD as a boot drive and caught my attention:

I’ve a few questions:

  1. Are they any fast?
  2. Does WD’s SSD’s has a “Samsung Magician” like desktop utility program that lets you monitor your SSD’s health etc and lets you optimize it etc?
  3. I’ve an another option 9apps. Its from a company called “Adata” (Never heard of it) and comes with a 20 month warranty, whereas the WD’s comes with just 1 year warranty. Do you think it’s better than WD? What about Kingston SSDs?
  4. I live in a hot climate and my CPU/GPU idle at around 45c in summer. Will the high temperatures have an adverse effect on an SSD’s life expectancy? I want it to last at least a few years! Three years at the very minimum!
  5. Any other recommendations?


I’ve been using a 1TB blue WD SSD for over a year now. No problems at all and yes WD has software that’s like Magician. I also have an Adata SSD and it performs well too. An SSD will bring new life to an old computer and greatly improves performance on newer ones as well. This is why most manufacturers are selling PCs with SSDs! Just a comparison my AMD Phenom X4 965 boots to Windows desktop in about 65 seconds on a mechanical WD 1TB 7200RPM Blue. With the WD Blue SSD it’s 15 seconds!

The Dashboard software from Western Digital is the comparable software to Samsung Magician. You can find it on this page, called “Western Digital Dashboard”.

I live in a hot climate as well and do not have any problems. You must ensure your PC has adequate cooling, operational temperature for most SSDs is ~70C ambient. You can check on your data sheet. This will be similar to other SSD vendors.