How fast of a LAN do you need for high quality mkv's?

If a video has about 15mbps bitrate and add in audio ~2000 kbit sec, then how fast does it need to go over your lan?

Ive been wondering how high quality files i can playback from my pc.

Wired LAN or Wireless?

Wired, you’re good up to somewhere around 30mbps files (higher with Media Server, or attached USB).

Wireless, it depends… many folks can only do 720p compressed wireless – there’s lots of variables.

I have wired lan, cat6 cables. I guess i should just find the highest quality video i can and see how it works.

Since you’re wired 100Mbit or Gigabit, you should be good for any h.264 .mkv file you can throw at it.

If you were playing uncompressed BluRay rips (either as .ts or .iso) I think you’d hit a wall using “Network Shares” around about the 30Mbit/sec range.