How download myCloud Home OS

I had a My Cloud Home OS 3. How do I get into my files? I have also bought My Cloud Home OS 5. Can I upgrade the OS 3 to OS 5?


take it in pieces. . .

. . . . How did you access the files before? That is how you access it now. (Caveat: The web functions no longer will work - - - - > Access will most likely be through File Explorer on your PC)

. . . . MyCloud Home is a completely different animal - - > Runs on modified Android software; and doesn’t run either OS3 or OS5. (These are built on Linux). Head over to the MyCloud Home forum for advice on that animal. Probably the best course for a MyCloud Home is to return it and buy a synology NAS (or Qnap).

. . .What exactly do you own? Basically, Gen 1 myclouds cannot be upgraded but Gen 2’s technically can be upgraded. I would NOT upgrade a MyCloud or a MyCloud Mirror under any circumstances (These boxes don’t have either the RAM or CPU to effectively run the inefficient OS5 software).

I have a few boxes running OS3. I have these blocked from internet access (FROM THE ROUTER); and I am quite happy with them.