How does WD Livewire acually work?

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Do I understand this right? I will have a DSL-router, where the internet comes into my house from the street. I will connect a ethernet cable to the router and the other end I put into a WD livewire, then I plug the livewire into a powersocket. The I go in another room and stick a second live wire in a power socket on the wall there, too. Then I connect an ethernet cable with it and the other end with my computer. Is that right?

How much does it stress the power line? I don’t want to have the TV two computers and the lights at the ceiling be running on one powerline behind the wall and then add the livewire and see the powerline be stressed to much and the electricity will go off for everything.

i’ve been using “Ethernet Over Power” for 6 Years (with multiple devices attached)
no problems :slight_smile:

The power will only go “Off” if you don’t pay your electricity bill :wink:

A usual 16A 240V wire in a German home can take 3600W. SInce I don’t know exactly how many rooms are hanging on the same wire, I want to be sure and calculate the sum of all devices used on this floor.
How much Watt does the WD livewire draw out of the system? Well, ok I could just look up the documents and calculate a theoretical high… I expect that the faster it communicates, the higher the power being drawn, right?

Another question: I don’t understand the wikipedia article (otherwise I wouldn’t have asked here). Is the way that it works described correctly in my very first post above?

In other words I need a router (DSL box) that gets the signal from the street into the house. This will stick into one WD livewire box’s ethernet connector. The power plug of the WD livewire box goes into the wall. I go to the other room plug the second WD livewire with the power plug into the wall of this Room and stuck an ethernet cable into this second WD livewire and the other end into my Mac Mini, right?

Will I get speeds a little bit faster than Wifi or will I get speeds as fast as DSL-ethernet?

The livewire may draw only about 5-6 watts, if even that.
And yes, you understand the connections correctly.
Speed depends on a number of factors – wiring quality, noise and interference on the electrical lines, use of power conditioners, etc.

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