How does the automatic update work

Hi there!

I have a MyBook Essential for a few months now (1,5T)

It should automaticly update, but how does that work?!

I made a complete backup, then when I look on the mybook essential folders, it says 2-8-2010 folder made in the folder I can see the most recent changes were on 6-8-2010!!!

Wel then I miss months of updates!!! How come??

Does the WD Smartware Icon have to be in my systemtray? Or is that not nescessary?

I have a Clean Up program that removed the icon from my systemtray. So I thought that might be the problem.

Now I got the Icon back, but how do I let my MyBook Essential make the backup updates since 6-8-2010 How can I check if the updates worked, or were made or are in progress.

I only let it Backup my D: partiton, because There are all my “My Document” files.

I run vista 64 (if someone would ask)

Please help!!