How does one turn off access to "Public" by FTP only

How does one turn off access to “Public” by FTP only. So Samba and the WebUI user and share management keeps working. I’ll settle for “Public” being read only through the FTP service on the MBL. If there anything that can be done on VSFTPD to achieve this?

Here are the instructions on the way to access the drive threw FTP please see the link below

Nope… You’re misunderstood.  What I wish to do is under FTP make the Public folder vanish or ar least me read-only without making such alterations that could break any future update that WDC may make available. I’m starting to resign myself to creating a script what will periodically and frequently erase the contents of Public and anything under it while keeping the folder structure. That would not get in the way of the energy seving spin down because the cron daemon is stopped when the MBL is in it’s blue led condition.

It’s just writing a script that runs, say, every minute (I’m a bit of a newbie to bash scripts) to erase everything under the Public share with the exception of leaving three empty directories, those being Shared Music, Shared Pictures and Shared Videos but only making writes/alterations IF there any changes.

Unless some kind soul on here could write such a script and then that soul could take credit for doing something WDC seems not want to do.

Really, I want Public to be read-only when being accessd by FTP but operate normally everywhere else.

Hope that clears up the wish. :smiley:

Looking at vsftpd.conf description, deny_file and/or hide_file seem to do a trick

“This option can be used to set a pattern for filenames (and directory names etc.) which should not be accessible in any way…”

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That is brilliant!  It’s not perfect as I can’t do anything with any files or folders named Public by FTP but it does somewhat address the problem.  Thank-you adachim. :smiley: