How does one set up PlayOn for the Hub?

Good afternoon.  I just purchased the WD Hub and I have read that PlayOn works with the Hub.  I have purchased a wireless adapter for my Hub so it read my laptop to access my Network Drives and also so that it can have access to PlayOn which is running on the laptop as well.  My question is this…what exactly do I need to do for my Hub to access PlayOn and so that I can use it on the Hub?  Anyone that has some step-by-step instructions as to how to make this work would be greatly appreciated by me. 

I sent an email to WD about this but since PlayOn is not officially part of the Hub, they would not give me any info.  I have searched some on the Internet, but have not found anything that helps me out. 

Thanks in advance.


Nope. Information I got from their website shows is not supported. 

Assuming that your networking is working properly (e.g. you can see the Hub from the explorer window on your PC), it was something like this:

  1. Install PlayOn on PC.  I think you’ll need to reboot after.

  2. Make sure PlayOn service is running and active (go to PlayOn setup and make sure that you have ‘green’ indicators for server active).

  3. On the Hub, go to Files.

  4. Press the red ‘choose source’ button (or select it on the GUI).

  5. Choose “Media Server”

  6. Choose “PlayOn Server”.

Now you should see a navigation menu driven from PlayOn that lets you select which feed you want to watch.  Depending on the feed you may have to enter account info into the PlayOn setup on your PC.


I got a Hub about 2 months ago and been using Playon without a hitch.  I’ve been using Playon with my PS3 for a couple years and it is better on the hub.  Hub can actually RW with Playon, PS3 would just die if I tried.

Thank you very much for your help.  I appreciate it.