How does one handle cases where a movie is not in the "themoviedb" list?


Title subject kind of says it all.  I have some possibly obscure movies that aren’t found in the reference database so the get info fails to return anything. (And searching the database directly comes up empty too.)

How do people handle this situation? Obtain a cover scan and cast details from other sites or from the case cover itself and then create an XML file containing the details and drop them both into the movie’s folder? Or…?


“Not Richard”

The “Best” thing to do, if it’s a legitimate movie, is ADD it to TMDB.  :)

Short of that, there are some third party tools that will scrape from sites like IMDB instead…

Thanks Tony. Seeing your comment caused me to return to the site and find the add a movie function.

The movies in question *are* real, legitimate movies, although somewhat “old” (not unlike ME) and are found in the imdb database. Just so ya know!  :smileyvery-happy:

I’ll create a new user account at themoviedb and proceed from there. I have always done all of my info searching on imdb so need to expand my horizons a bit I guess.

Thanks again for the brain nudge.

“Not Richard”