How Does MyCloud Find & Choose the Proper External Ports?

Hello, I’ve had my EX4 for a few years now and have had remote access working fine through 8080 and 8443 with mapping through my router to 80 and 443 as per the instructions. Lately it has stopped working remotely but works fine on my WiFi, so I know the NAS is OK, but there is something happening with my ISP, I believe. Perhaps they have decided to block the ports, can I move to different external ports? In different posts, I’ve seen various external ports used, as if it were arbitrary, but the MyCloud app must scan some number common ports in order to find my device when I’m accessing it remotely. Is there some guide to how this works and what ports can be used?

Hi, i have not seen any guides on which ports can be used if your ISP is blocking them.

You can go here that website will allow you to check on the common ports in your network and find out if the ports are really being blocked.