How does mp3 ID tags with artwork work?

I’m very confused on this.

My Girlfriend has some music by Andy Gibb. If I go play it on the WD, the album cover for Anvil’s album Hard n Heavy shows.

If I open the file in WinAmp, and go to View File Info, it shows me a picture of the album cover from Anvil’s album Metal on Metal. Totally different picture!

Now, if I go play Anvil’s Hard N Heavy album on WD it shows up proper picture, but if I open WinAmp to view file info it shows me Metal on Metal album cover as well.

I notice a bunch of my mp3’s have the proper picture, so it’s not just a problem with the Metal on Metal album cover.

What program do people use nowadays to do a mass update of this kind of info?

Just tried to use Media Monkey. I’ve used that a looooong time ago.

Gonna go try their support forums… Can’t figure out who it works… I hit auto tag… it took forever, but Anvil album cover is still on Andy Gibb!

So using Media Monkey I fixed Anvil, but problem with Andy Gibb:

  • If I hover over the FOLDER for Andy Gibb it shows Anvil’s artwork.

  • If I go into the folder, the songs properly show Andy Gibb.

  • In WinAmp it now shows Andy Gibb properly.

What to do?

I Spent an evening investigating how the Hub Displays ID3 and Files / Folder Images for Music.

A discussion and findings are posted here:

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I used MP3tag to update all of mine.

And, keep in mind … it’s possible to have MULTIPLE covers stored in a single MP3…   If you’re deleting them, make sure you delete them ALL.

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Thanks. I figured it was mostly due to slow transfer speeds, but in fact mp3tag is A LOT faster than Media Monkey. I’m using it for just cover art and so far pretty nice.

Instead of that preview button that opens up a web browser, it would be nice to just pull up cover art right in the program.