How does Google Photo sync to MyCloud work?

I want MyCloud to take a completely automatic local backup of all changes to photos and docs it finds on Google Drive.

So …
When I take a photo on my phone it is automatically synced by Android to my google photo library.
But, what I want is for MyCloud to be continuously monitoring my google account for new photos and then to take a local backup of them in MyCloud.
I want to setup the sync once and then have confidence that MyCloud is continuing to track changes on google for months on end without me having to do anything else.

Is this possible?

No, not with the standard MyCloud firmware.

I do this using a local drive folder which Google syncs to/from, I then I use secondcopy to periodically copy that to a public folder on my MyCloud.

But what does the following mean in the mycloud page…

"Cloud account download to keep everything in one place

Store everything in one place, even content in your favorite cloud accounts. Photos, videos and files from your cloud accounts are automatically downloaded to your My Cloud Home device, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive™, Facebook and many more"

The My Cloud and My Cloud Home are two different products with different features. If you have a single bay My Cloud device (the general subject of this subforum) one will have to resort to other methods and or workarounds to sync Google Photo and other online storage sites to the My Cloud.