How do you stream videos from seedbox to TV using WDTV & PLEX?

I just got a dedicated server and a buddy of mine installed PLEX on the server/seedbox . I have tons of videos on the server and was wondering if there is a way to play or stream the videos right from my server to my TV? I’m not familiar with any of this so if someone could help I’d greatly appreciate it. Do I need a box, like a Roku or Chromecast hooked up to my TV for PLEX to show up? I currently have a WDTV box downstairs with my LG Plasma and my upstairs LG SmartTV has internet connectivity. 

just go to media servers on the WD

and it will show plex, if plex is running on your system

Sorry, I’m confused? My server will show under Media Servers? I want to stream videos to my TV/WDTV from my seedbox/server, not from my computer.

:angry: yes

LOL, this was so easy. I’ve asked everywhere and your the first person to get it right! My server showed up, the only issue is that I have like 800 videos on my server so WDTV takes forever to refresh. When I stream from my PC, its a lot faster. Anyway to speed up WDTV when refreshing my server.

yes. Turn off media library or use dlna or use NFS. Windows shares are the slowest. NFS is the only other method that supports moviesheets though

swamprat96 wrote:

yes. Turn off media library or use dlna or use NFS. Windows shares are the slowest. NFS is the only other method that supports moviesheets though

wrong !!

plex is already dnla, and media library does not function for dnla

and dnla supports linksheets

this is driving me nuts. plex was working on my wdtv now my server is showing up anymore? 

fudge. I didn’t read the thread properly. apologies

But Plex supports linksheets? Didn’t know that. I use Tversity which doesn’t seem to. Anyway I’m not hijacking the thread

linksheets is a function on the WD

so it doesn’t matter what dnla server you use, as long as the linksheet is named correctly it will work

@bal1985 , sorry I don’t know of anyway to speed up the dnla

please read this:

i posted that over at the plex forums, maybe it’ll help you understand what it going on a little better. i’m having issues with videos not showing up on wdtv and 99.9% wont play, i usually get some kind of dlna error. it seems like the wdtv is seeing my seedbox/server but not the videos? the link above has screenshots of my tv and better info. im really trying to figure this out for my son, he uses it a lot.

edit: btw, my seedbox should be good enough to stream,  its a Intel Core i3-530 2.93 GHz + IPMI / 4GB / 1Gbps. thats faster than my home computer which can stream 15gb 1080p videos to my wdtv. im doing something seriously wrong with plex and wdtv.

well, I don’t use plex or seedbox

but possible issues

  1. transcoding - does plex transcode ? I don’t know

does plex support mkv etc …

many dnla server don’t support mkv or iso

also is the file in a format the WD can play

transcoding will be required if it’s not in a supported format

  1. incomplete or locked files

seedbox torrent processes, might lock files, which will not allow the server to correctly stream it

if it is an imcomplete file, or lock for some other reason

if the file is incomplete it also probably will not play on WD

  1. if it’s not showing you individual files something is wrong

it could be how plex is sending it, or your not using the “ok” button to enter the folder and see the files

  1. resources

we’re not talking about just streaming here, if you’ve got 20 torrents running, and plex, and it’s trying to transcode, and etc … it is possible the seedbox, might not have much available in terms of resources, either network bandwidth or ram memmory, etc …