How do you set up a Seagate Dockstar NAS with the WDTV2 Live?

We just got a brand new WDTV 2 Live and our live/active Dockstar’s Samba share does NOT SHOW UP! Mac & PCs do, but no NAS/SMB.

As it stands - even with the latest firmware my Dockstart with SMB NAS on LAN does not show up on the WDTV2L!

The share is working perfectly on my network for everyting else - AppleTV/XBMC - Macs, PC, iPad, phones.

What’s up?  Does anyone know what has to be done to get the WDTV2L to wake up and see what’s right there?

(I’m just hoping that once this is figured out - the WDTV2L will be able to play our very very large library of M4V/H.264 files without having to convert them to anything.)

Never did get it to access SMB direct - but - 

Got another approach working after several days of trying different things.  This time running media server software in OSX was the key.

Ultimately the PS3 Media Server for OSX did the trick.  It is free and was very easy to set up too… just add folders as shares and done!