How do you restore WDTV Live Hijacked permissions?

Does anyone know how to restore the permissions that WDTV Live Hijacked on my NAS drives?, They are set under guest and won’t go away even after deleting all the shared drives and disabling shared in the player they are still read only. I started trying to transfer the files so I could format the drives, but I noticed the read only transfers as well so I canceled doing that. The folders are owned by Guest on my NAS Drive it’s impossible to delete or add new files to some of the folders.

Huh?  WDTV doesn’t change file permissions…  File permissions on a NAS are controlled by the SERVER (the NAS), not the USER (In this case, the WDTV.)

Thanks for your answer, but in this case I am not sure. I add new video files almost daily, No problem, Then I Install WDTV Live add 5 different shares after WD asks me to log in to my nas as anonomous? I then lose permissions to both my nas servers drives, not just one I have 2 nas hubs with 5 drives on them two drives on 1 nas and 3 drives on the other. If it were just one nas that did this I wouldn’t be as suspicious. I read a series of posts similar to mine compalining about being stuck in read only.