How do you remove a backup source from SmartWare?

A couple of years ago I had to replace one of my external hard drives when one of them failed.

I used the same name and drive letter assignment for various reasons for the new external hard drive.

I added it to my WD Smartware backup plan that I do weekly for several hard drives.

But I always get a message saying “WD Smartware Error–Backup source cannot be found. Please verify your backup plan”.

All my drives are being backed up (correctly, I hope)… but I still keep getting this error message.

I suspect it is referring to the old hard drive that was replaced.

So how do I remove this “backup source” from my WD Smartware backups ?

I saw somewhere here where someone recommending re-installing the WD Smartware software.

That sounds ridiculous, and not sure if I still have the original source or if it was downloaded online when I bought my 4TB WD MyBook external hard drive several years ago.

And even if I did, I would not want to risk risk loosing all my backup plans & backups.

The correct and simple answer to this would be helpful… or I guess I will just put up with the issue, and maybe explore a better backup/restore software.


I’ll recommend you to contact WD Support directly about this case.