How do you make your storage device private from all on wifi?

I have had the device for sometime but I have never been able to secure it from other wifi users. My friends tablet can access it and view all content on it without any issues and I do not want this. I do not want strangers able to see any media or files on my cloud device.

Set up each Share as a Private Share through the Dashboard, then assign User permission through the Dashboard to each Private Share.

Because of the way DLNA works any Share that has Media Serving activated (set to On) will be visible to any DLNA client regardless if the Share is set to Private. Don’t want others to access the media through a DLNA client? Set the Media Serving option to Off for that Share.

Currently there is no way to disable the default Public Share folder from the Dashboard. The workaround is to not store any content in that Public Share folder if you want to keep that data private.

There may be ways to block WiFi access by segmenting the WiFi network if the WiFi router supports segmenting the WIFi clients. The WiFi router may have other methods of blocking access to local devices. There may also be ways to edit, via SSH, certain files within the My Cloud to possibly block access via IP address.

Simplest way to block all WiFi users is to setup a “guest” Wifi network if the WiFi router supports that option/feature. Typically a “guest” WiFi network would have internet access only, and the local network devices are inaccessible to those on the “guest” network.