How do you make the device refresh network share list?

When you “select Content Source” and hit “network Shares” > “Windows Shares” it generates a list of devices sharing on your network. IF you exit and go back. It does not refresh the list looking for something new. How do you make it refresh the list?

Select content source/network shares/windows shares - where? On your pc, Windows?

uhhhhh…Yea, that’s what I just said. haha. After you select Windows Shares it scan and shows what it finds on your network that is “sharing”. How do you , on the WDTV, refresh that list? Reason I ask is Because if you exit that screen and go back it does not scan again. It just shows what it originally found. So if I add a new share or disable a share it will not show up

I’ve had a ton of experience with this, right up to a method of forcing WDTV’s to refresh the entirety of what it is reading, but it’s a little ‘involved’ and I have not had to use it in relation to a failure to display files from a new, added network source though, I’m afraid. I have not had that, my sources have always shown, unless on occasion Windows updates or system scans switch them off (it can happen from time to time). My force WDTV to refresh method does work for if WDTV is stuck in what it shows and rescans (in WDTV’s menu options) don’t change a thing about what it shows, but I will hold off about that for now because it ought to be last on the list.(I’m thinking if it comes to my posting how to do that, it will only be because nothing - including others’ contributions here, because your post is new yet - nothing - works.

(My WDTV is fine in every respect except occasionally it seems to get stuck and does not show new files, and shows an incomplete library [without the introduction of a new source, I’m talking about, not what you are experiencing] with files missing, or still shows entries for old, and now deleted, ergo non-existent files).

In any event, holding down WDTV’s (remote) power button for six seconds for a total switch-off, forcing a complete reboot when switched back on, although it’s unlikely to remedy what you describe, is a good start.

Now back to being practical right now. WDTV, as you would suppose, should automatically scan every time you switch it on, and should therefore show any new shares, of course. Which is what makes me say check the files being shared, that are not appearing at the Windows (pc) end first. Check them in this manner. Right-click each one. Choose “properties.” Select tabs “sharing” and then “security.” The latter will display “permissions.” Check those. As well as what I’ve just suggested, also right-click the files you’re (trying to) share/ing, and choose the “share with” option, and from there, choose “homegroup - view and edit.” Go through those and usually you will discover that the problem was a Windows ‘permissions’ problem, rather than WDTV.

These things I have just suggested should rule out the problem being Windows itself. Often during the processes I have described, you can see Windows automatically boot itself up the bum, saying, ‘please wait while sharing takes place.’ That is a short thing and it only takes less than a minute, and if it happens it’s a good thing because it means it is resetting ALL the sharing you have set, obviously including the share you have not yet seen on WDTV.

So if all this fails (and remember the regular options in WDTV menu are the first recourse, including 'clear library, etc.) then it will be time for you to report here so that we can address the WDTV end of things!