How do you log in

How do you log in.
Every time I log in, I am told I have the wrong password or name. On my manual I have the date, name and password eight different times. If I google my problem about my blinking red light that been going since last November, when the power went off and came back on. I have three different drives here at the house that has turn into bricks. I though this WD drive would be the one to use. But I can see it is just as bad or bader than the rest on the. You give my so much trouble of just logging in to see if I can find out what is my problem with the drive. I just changed my password yesterday and today, it says I have the wrong password.

Jesse Anderson

probably helps a little if you actually told us what WD Hard Drive you have … and helps even more by posting your question in the appropiate forum … The “Off Topic Forum” is for non related WD questions or posts, so your post won’t be seen or get as many replies if it was in the correct forum.

tell us what you own … and i’ll get a moderator to move this post to the correct forum.

I have a Passport, Passport Ultra and a WD My Cloud.
I have had all three over two years. The Passports lockup and I never set them to lockup. I am not very savy on fixing drives. I had no problem with the My Cloud until last Nov. There was not very much on the drive, but I had backup on the Passport, and when it locked up and the only way I could get it open was to erase every thing. The hint for my password was my brother, and none of them worked. But what gets me is every time I try to log in, my password want let me in until I change it, On my WD manual, I have over seven or eight different passwords that I have used and also let the password be saved on my computer. It is enough to be frustrated with my drives,and than have so much problem with my passwords. Thank you for the help.
Jesse Anderson